About Surgeon Studios

Surgeon Studios is about pushing the craft. We don't compromise on materials or time. The products we produce are made to last and made to wear. 

  • Each custom pair of shoes are individually priced. Each pair is unique to clients specs. Different prices according, to size, detail, style, material etc.  Minimum $1600 for a hand made pair.
  • To receive a BESPOKE HANDMADE PAIR please fill out the request form in all fields
  • Each pair is Hand Crafted. Once you are committed and serious about scheduling a consultation, We can go into detail about the design.
  • Every Pair is set up first with a $500 deposit which will go towards the total cost of your shoes.
  • Once a request form has been submitted, received, & chosen, you will receive a detailed reply via email regarding the specifics of your shoes.


  1. All appointments are confirmed after deposits are received.
  2. All deposits are final and non-refundable.
  3. We are grateful for every request. However due to a high volume of demand not all projects will be taken on. Thank you